Are hammocks adjustable?

I am considering buying a free-standing hammock as a birthday gift for my son. His plan was to set it up between two trees that are near each other. All the hammocks that I checked are 13-feet long which is too big. Do you know any hammocks that are adjustable, or can you somehow adjust the hammock’s length without using a hammock stand?

Camping hammocks differ from the hammocks used in the backyard. Free-standing hammocks allows you to set it up even without trees or poles while the garden type hammocks are the kind of hammock that you can stretch out, some looks like a slang chair.

In your case, you want to use the trees that are standing too close to one another for a standard hammock. I suggest that you use a sling hammock and attach the framing to the trees. Sling hammocks come in two styles: the stretch style and the chair style from which you only need one central hook to hang it from.

It is right that camping hammocks require for you to have the right distance and a little stretch is good, but shortening the distance between the two ends reduces stretch needed for you to lay comfortably. Take a look at the hammocks offered by Hennessy, since they offer top quality camping hammocks.

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