Best Camping Hammocks

 Best Camping HammocksProduct DimensionsWeightPrice 
Best Camping Hammock Overall: Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series1" L x 52" W x 100" H2.75 lb$136.82View on Amazon
Best All-Season Camping Hammock: Clark NX-270 Four-Season7.4" L x 7.72" W x 19.02" H4.85 lb$499.00View on Amazon
Best Camping Hammock for Couples: Neolite Double Camping Hammock5.3" L x 5.5" W x 9" H1.19 lb$59.99View on Amazon
Best High-End Camping Hammock: ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Blaze Under 15" L x 8" W x 7" H2.5 lb$299.85View on Amazon
Best Durable Double Camping Hammock: Kammok Roo Double5.5" L x 6.8" W x 5.25" H1.48 lbfrom $85.00View on Amazon
Best Single Camping Hammock: Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter1" L x 60" W x 126" H2.25 lb$59.98View on Amazon
Best Camping Hammock for Lounging: Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge42" L x 42" W x 90" H4 lb$159.20View on Amazon
Best Lightweight Camping Hammock: Grand Trunk Nano 73" L x 3" W x 5" H1 lb$69.25View on Amazon
Best Camping Hammock for Beginners: Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock4" L x 5" W x 8" H1.05 lb$19.99View on Amazon
Best Budget Camping Hammock: Sportneer Camping Hammock5.6" L x 7.3" W x 10" H2.6 lb$20.99View on Amazon
Best All-in-One Expedition Camping Hammock: Lost Valley Premium12" L x 8" W x 11" H3.6 lb$69.95View on Amazon

A camping hammock is an indispensable item in a backpacker’s gear. They provide comfort, and can sometimes be a more affordable replacement for tents. One only needs to find trees or poles from where the hammock can be suspended, and after setting up, a nice sleeping or resting place is already available. Sleeping on a camping hammock is safer than sleeping on the ground since crawling insects will not be able to disturb the sleeper. Most camping hammocks come with mosquito nets, or at least there’s always an option to buy one, so bugs will also not be a problem.

Camping hammocks are usually affordable and portable, and they fold down really small and weigh less than tents. They are highly versatile and may be used for other purposes like a rain cover, or a picnic blanket. A camping hammock is also ideal for stargazing, or for relaxing on a beach.

What to Look for in a Camping Hammock

A camping hammock shouldn’t cost much, so it would be advisable to choose one that gives good value for money. With the range of choices in the market today, it wouldn’t be hard to choose one that fits this criterion. However, it must be noted that it would be alright to pay more for a long-lasting camping hammock since it would save money in the long run, especially if it is going to be used often.

Camping hammocks are meant to be light, so the weight should be kept down to a minimum to make a hike more enjoyable. Many camping hammocks are ultralight, so it wouldn’t be a problem to find one that will be perfect to take on a journey.

Comfort is a crucial quality in a camping hammock because it is the main reason why hammocks exist in the first place. They are meant to provide rest and relaxation. Some factors that could affect the comfort level of hammocks are the kind of fabric, protection from different weather conditions, protection from mosquitoes and other bugs, breathability, and the size of the hammock.

Lastly, the ease of setting the camping hammock up should be considered because it would be tedious to keep setting up a hammock that uses up a lot of time. More often than not, campers will be tired from the hike once they get to the site. It would be good to rest up as soon as possible, and an easy to set up hammock is a lifesaver.

Here now are some of the best camping hammocks in the market today.

Best Camping Hammock Overall – Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series comes with essentially all the features that would be needed to start camping as soon as it is taken out of the bag. The hammock already includes a tarp, ridge line, and built-in bug net. It is also roomy and comes in an asymmetrical design that allows a flat lay.



It is already a given that the Hennessy Expedition will provide a comfortable ride because of its spacious interior and extra shoulder space.

Image Source

The bug net and ridge line may not allow sitting up so the hammock is ideal for lying down only. The ridge line is fitted with a mesh pouch that can serve as storage for small items while one is lying down.

The bug net makes sure that sleep will be uninterrupted by nasty bites, but is attached to the hammock so it might be hard to gaze at the stars.

– durable
– great for all weather conditions
– spacious

– bug net cannot be removied
– a bit heavy
– rainfly is a bit small

Best All-Season Camping Hammock – Clark NX-270 Four-Season

In addition to being able to endure all four seasons, the Clark NX-270 also provides superb comfort. It could very well be the most versatile camping hammock today since it can take on extreme weather conditions from heavy snow to sweltering heat.



The NX-270 is equipped with the No-See-Um mosquito net and can be zipped over with the breathable and water-repellent WeatherShield layer, effectively turning the hammock into a tent which offers extra protection from various weather conditions.

The NX-270 is fitted with six insulating storage pockets that can be hung under the bed. It is easy to assemble and can be used in no time at all. There are also drip rings and tree straps that are included with the hammock. The NX-270 is amazingly durable and can last for years to come.

– excellent comfort
– impressive build
– plenty of storage

– pricey
– ideal for hardcore campers
– double layer netting can tear easily


Best Camping Hammock for Couples – Neolite Double Camping Hammock

The Neolite Double Camping Hammock can perfectly accommodate two people who want to go on a backpacking, hiking, camping, or even just a simply traveling adventure. It measures 10’ x 6” long and 6’ x 6” wide, and can support up to 400 pounds. The hammock folds small to just 7 x 5”.



A built-in drawstring stuff sack can double as a storage bag. Made with quick-drying nylon, the Neolite Double Camping Hammock is durable and breathable. The triple interlocking stitches provide heavy duty support that will safely hold two people. The hammock comes with two 5’6” sturdy nautical-grade hang ropes and two steel carabiners. The ropes can be hung inside an included stuff sack.

– compact
– versatile
– lightweight

– no cover included
– not waterproof
– relatively pricey


Best High-End Camping Hammock – ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Blaze Under Quilt

The Eno Blaze Under Quilt is the ultimate in comfort as it is filled with high-quality 750-fill-power duck down that provides insulation and maintain temperatures to a cozy 30 – 40°F.



The underquilt is meant to keep the heat to make anyone feel warm despite chilly conditions. The hammock also has a ripstop nylon shell that is water repellent to keep moisture out and to protect the down from any wetness. It packs quite small, measuring only 14 x 7” when stored inside the included stuff sack and cotton storage bag.

– effortless set up
– easy storage
– ideal for four-season use

– no S-biners included
– cords are too long
– shockcords adjustments are needed to feel snug


Best Durable Double Camping Hammock – Kammok Roo Double

The Kammok Roo boasts of its patented tear-resistant Lunar Wave ripstop nylon fabric that offers softness not found in parachute fabrics. The hammock is portable and lightweight, but undoubtedly durable. It has diamond stitching all throughout, ensuring the highest level of durability. The Kammok Roo is spacious, and offers utmost comfort. It can support weights of up to 500 lbs.



The hammock comes with 2 proprietary Kanga Claws, which are 23kN carabiners made from aerospace aluminum, and 2 22kN Dyneema Racer Slings.

Kammok Roo Double

These provide convenience and safety in suspending the hammock.

The Kammok Roo camping hammock is definitely ideal to take on rugged adventures that demands only the highest in durability.

– lightweight
– extremely durable
– gear-attachment loops

– no ridgeline
– a big tarp is needed to cover the hammock
– Python Straps not included


Best Single Camping Hammock – Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter

The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter offers a lot of comfortable space for the single camper. The hammock already comes with carabiners and 2 ropes, which are basically all that are needed to suspend it.



A built-in bug net and a mosquito net are also included, along with two storage pockets. The hammock has double-sided zippers, and the nylon material is triple stitched to provide additional durability.

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter

Image Source

When folded, it weighs less than 2 pounds, so it’s perfect even for long hikes.

– 100% parachute nylon
– portable
– easy to use suspension system

– bug protection netting can tear easily
– hanging ropes are not that great
– nettings hang close when sleeping


Best Camping Hammock for Lounging – Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge camping hammock is user-friendly and lightweight, ideal for providing a haven for those who want to while away the time reading books or just be alone with their thoughts. A waterproof rainfly is already included, along with a built-in no-see-um bug netting, making it seem more like a cozy little sanctuary.


The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge hammock may be spread on the ground like a tent, or suspended between trees, thanks to a unique arch pole design.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

It’s basically a dual-purpose hammock that makes it easy to set up a tent. The interior of the hammock is spacious and waterproof too.

– dual use
– roomy interior
– no leg strain

– heavy
– hook-and-loop tarp adjustement is not so effective
– can’t see anything when rain fly is down


Best Lightweight Camping Hammock – Grand Trunk Nano 7

The Grand Trunk Nano 7 camping hammock is not just durable, it is extremely lightweight too. Made from ripstop nylon fabric, this hammock is only 7 ounces and is ideal for those wanting to go on an ultralight backpacking.


It can be carried practically anywhere, even on challenging hikes through rugged terrains.

Grand Trunk Nano 7

Image Source

The pressurized bearing points have triple-stitched seams, ensuring the durability of the Nano 7. Also included are 2 Mad Rock carabiners that can support hammock weight up to 300 pounds.

– well-made
– ultralight
– packs down to the size of a softball

– too short for tall sleepers
– narrow
– ripstop nylon not too durable


Best Camping Hammock for Beginners – Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

The Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter is a good introductory camping hammock for those wanting to get started on hammock camping on a budget. It is also ideal for backpackers who want to travel light. The Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter weighs only 12 ounces, and measures 9’6” x 4’6”.



The width is just enough to feel cozy, although the polyester fabric could be slippery and take away some points from the comfort level.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Image Source

The good things about the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter’s unbeatable price is that it would not be a problem for beginners to upgrade to a pricier hammock, and it could instead be used for other purposes like a gear sling, or a camp chair.

– comfortable
– lightweight
– affordable

– not too durable
– slippery fabric
– not too much protection


Best Budget Camping Hammock – Sportneer Camping Hammock

The Sportneer Camping Hammock comes with an affordable price tag without sacrificing quality. The hammock is made from parachute fabric, so it is sure to be lightweight and durable. It already comes with a mosquito net that protect sleepers from bug and insect bites.


The hammock is also well-ventilated, and ensures that sufficient air can flow inside. The maximum weight that can be supported is 230 kg, and although it could handle two people, the width could be too narrow at only 1.5 meters.

Sportneer Camping Hammock

This camping hammock is effortless to set up with all the necessary accessories included like ropes, tree straps, hook holders, and carabiners. Backpackers will also find the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter ideal to bring along due to its weight of 1.9 kg, and with a stuff sack included.

– sturdy
– nice design
– comfortable

– accessories could be improved
– thin material
– ropes are short


Best All-in-One Expedition Camping Hammock – Lost Valley Premium

The Oak Creek Lost Valley Premium camping hammock eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories with its already complete lineup. The package already includes a mosquito net, rainfly, guy lines, tree straps, steel carabiners, and a stuff sack.



Aside from being used as a camping hammock, it is also great as a hiking and a jungle hammock. The hammock itself allows breathability while protecting sleepers from mosquitos and other bugs. The waterproof rainfly can also double as a sun shade.

Lost Valley Premium

Made from quality parachute nylon with reinforced stitching, the Lost Valley Premium can hold weights up to 350 kg. The pack weighs only 1.65 kg, making it super lightweight. Set up is painless, taking only less than 3 minutes to set up.

– value for money
– easy set up
– great design

– may feel too cramped for bigger frames
– straps could be better
– mosquito net easily rips

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