Are you satisfied with owning a Hennessy hammock?

Hennessy hammocks are really good. It is a self-contained shelter that is lightweight and easy to bring with you. Like most hammocks are supposed to do, Hennessy hammock is doing a great job of keeping you off the ground from puddles and insects and it provides good air circulation during warm weather. It is well ventilated and offers good visibility because of its black mosquito netting.

You can recognize a Hennessy hammock by its shape because it looks like a jet/spacecraft hybrid. The closure that is held by the Velcro automatically closes when you get in and pulling the panels tight closes it.

If you have the complete parts, setting up is easy and using it is comfortable. Hammocks tend to press over your body fully encasing you and it is sensitive to your movement but you’ll get used to it. When getting out of the hammock, instead of just pushing yourself up, let the hammock give in to the motion of your body.

Another brand of hammock that we recommend is from which is a small company that sells hammocks that are a lot cheaper. Their hammocks are heavier and needs extra time to set up but it is bigger and provides more room. Their hammocks also come with a sleeve at the bottom so you can put on a mattress, spreading the hammock so it doesn’t close.

Some other recommended hammocks are Speer and Clark which takes after the designs of military jungle hammocks. It has a box shape instead of a pea pod shape. We do not recommend Byer because although it is very cheap, it is not as durable and well made for continuous and rigorous use, like when hiking.

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